Posted by: Deena Boese | December 3, 2009

Love Rekindled

Oh, the love! The love of thrift stores, that is. It had been a while since I visited my favorite thrift store, but a big sign that read “50% off everything store-wide” was too much to resist. And I’m so glad I went! Look at the beauty I discovered way in the back. There she was…right next to a bent up file cabinet and a wide array of 80s workout videos. Can you believe it? Even more exciting was the price tag. $5.00! That’s right. I walked away with this baby for 2 bucks and 50 cents. My deal of the year. Like I said…love rekindled.

Welcome to your new home!


  1. No freaky way! Okay, I don’t even paper scrap anymore — having crossed over to the digital dark side in 2006 and rarely looking back.

    That said, even I would have snapped that up! Lucky girl !

    That’s a find you can stay “high” off of for a month!

  2. That is so cool!!!

  3. So cool, Deena! You are indeed a bargain shopper!

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