Posted by: Deena Boese | September 9, 2010

The Imperfect Perfectionist

I seriously don’t like the word “perfectionist”. It conjures up images of a perfectly organized wife with perfectly behaved children that live in a perfectly sparkling house. And that, dear friends, couldn’t be further from my life! Yet I realize that I am, in fact, a hopeless perfectionist. I have a strong desire to have things organized, to have a schedule and stick to it and to see things lined up neatly with equally spaced margins. And because of this desire I often find myself completely frustrated when I can’t find the tape, am late for a meeting or can’t make a layout come together the way I envisioned. Ugh. As the image of that perfectly organized wife flashes through my head, I don’t even feel I deserve to be labeled a “perfectionist”.

But as I step back I also realize that “perfect” is an unreachable goal. No matter how hard you try. No matter how much money you pour into it. No matter how much time you spend. It’s impossible. In my lifetime, I will never have perfectly organized closets…my children will try to strangle each other occasionally…and each layout these hands put together will not be my new favorite.

And you know? That’s just okay. Whether or not our floor is free of Doritos crumbs is not what my children will remember. But they will remember that I took the time to lay on the floor with them (right in the middle of all those Doritos crumbs) and play games or just listen to them talk about their day. I would much rather pour my time into my family and God than constantly worrying about striving for impossible perfection.

So yes, I realize that the “perfectionist” in me surfaces more often than I like. But I also realize that I am infallibly imperfect. And somehow that combination has a way of balancing itself out quite nicely.

You can find this layout featured on the Pebbles blog today as part of the Design Team Introductions. Check it out to learn more about the other designers and find inspiring projects from the new team.




  1. My husband heard a program on Moody radio which he said was me to a T. “Frustrated perfectionist” Basis being that if I didn’t think the result would be perfect I either didn’t do it or thought about whatever for so long that I decided not to do it. Would drive him crazy, because he knew I could do whatever project I thought about doing. I was too hard on myself. He find it interesting I just this way with me. No one else, not my children, other family members just me. So I’m working on the doesn’t have to be perfect. Just do it!! Thanks for your thoughts

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