Posted by: Deena Boese | October 12, 2010

Tales From CKC – Kansas City

CKC Kansas City. Wow! What can I say? It was beyond incredible to be immersed in this cool hobby for an entire weekend. It was amazing. It was refreshing. And even though I’ve never been more tired in my entire life, it was rejuvenating! It did this scrapper’s soul wonders to connect with others that share the same passion.

Here’s a little glimpse into our fabulous time at CKC Kansas City:

We stayed at the Holiday Inn just a few feet from the Expo Center. Ahh. No cooking, no cleaning, no laundry for three whole days!

I kicked off the Thursday Night Sketches Workshop in this HUGE Exhibition Hall that would soon be filled with hundreds and hundreds of women EAGER to scrap!

I taught eight classes over the weekend and met the sweetest women. This is a photo of my very first class, Fabulous Flower Techniques, and the ladies were too fun!

Speaking of Fabulous Flower Techniques…um, yes!

At the end of one of my classes, two ladies walked in the back. Look who they were! I was excited to meet my friends Wendy Bretz and Cindy Liebel for the first time in real life. Wendy and I were members of the Creating Keepsakes 2007 Hall of Fame together and I’ve loved Cindy’s work forever. Such talented and fun girls!

So fun seeing all the finished layouts and projects (that I forced my students to hold up so I could ooo and ahh over them). Loved pointing out when students added their unique touches!

What a busy weekend! Nearly every CK class was SOLD OUT!

This lovely young lady, Larissa Heskett, took a couple of my classes and was super sweet. A few people got us mixed up during the weekend. What do you think? Long lost sisters? lol. She won the CK card contest and walked away with a sweet prize! Very talented and one to keep your eye on!

“You want me to take a picture with your WHAT?”

This little guy’s name is Eugene and was smuggled into the Sketches Workshop. He has apparently traveled and been photographed more than me!

I got to meet Carolyn and Dorathy from Club CK in a couple of my classes. Such nice ladies! Carolyn was even sporting her Club CK cup snuggie! Impressed!

The vendor fair was CRAZY! Rows and rows of yummy product!

The fun girls at the Pazzles booth hooked me up with this sweet tricked out name tag! lol.

Lucky enough to find time to hang out with friends! Wendy, Cindy and I went to eat at this amazing Mexican Restaurant on the last night. Good times!

When we got back we hit the final crop and helped give out door prizes in CKC’s version of “Let’s Make a Deal!” Fun!

I missed getting a photo of the CKC Event Staff but they were the best! Oh-my-word do they work hard! They are there from early morning until midnight and beyond. I so admire all the hard work they put into these events! And they are really sweet too. I received this cute thank you to wrap up the fabulous weekend.

It was an amazing weekend I will never forget! Thanks to Creating Keepsakes for inviting me and to all the incredible women I met. I so enjoyed your enthusiasm for this hobby, your love for your families and your passion for life.

Hope to see you next year!



  1. Deena, it looks like you had a ton of fun! I wish that I could have made it to KC and met you IRL! Perhaps next year!

  2. Deena…it sure looks like everything was a success (not that I thought it wouldn’t be :o) What fun!! Oh & I love all your flower techniques…very cool!

  3. Hey Girlie!! LOVE all of the pics and from one scrapper to another it truly was an event I will never forget!! I think I am hooked for life!! Can’t wait to see you again and I’m going to LOVE watching this hobby grow and change!! Thanks for sharing the AWESOME pics and for the nice comments!! LOL =) HAVE A GREAT DAY!!
    Larissa Heskett 😉

  4. Deena, it looks like you were a welcome addition to the CKC fun. SO glad you had a great time. It is an amazing atmosphere, isn’t it? They were lucky to have you there with your passion and energy. Thanks for making CKC KC a memorable one!

  5. I loved getting to meet you…you did an awesome job teaching!! It was fun to see so many scrappers together and having such a good time!! I hope I can take more classes from you, have a good week!!

  6. Looks like I missed some serious fun! I bet you rocked as a teacher! 🙂

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