Posted by: Deena Boese | January 17, 2011

The Organized and Inspired Scrapbooker

It’s something we all strive to be. Organized. Inspired. So why is it so hard?

If you’re like me, a cluttered workspace leads to a cluttered mind. And let’s face it, a cluttered mind has a tendency to kill creativity. If one of your goals this year is to finally whip your creative space into shape and get organized, I have great news! Creating Keepsakes just released its newest special publication conveniently titled, The Organized and Inspired Scrapbooker.

Ah, perfect! Doesn’t that cover just make you happy? If you’ve ever starred at your unruly workspace and thought to yourself “Where do I start?”, this book is for you. It not only showcases tons of functional (and gorgeous) workspaces; it’s overflowing with quizzes and tips to help you develop the perfect space that works for you. Enjoy these beautiful teasers then check out the official sneak peak here.

As always, I find myself with an extra copy of this issue that I would love to put in someone’s hands! Just leave a comment here before midnight on January 23, 2011 and you could walk away with this 176 page book for FREE! Be sure to check back on the 24th to see if you’re the lucky winner or feel free to include your email address so I can contact you. Good luck!

And just because we can, we’ve designated this week as the official ORGANIZATION WEEK! Be sure to check out the Editor’s Blog and Club CK daily for tons of organization tips and ideas.

Remember the coupon code I previously posted is good until 2/11/11. Just enter coupon code DS25DT to get free shipping on Scrap and Paper Shop orders of $25 or more.

Happy organizing!



  1. Ohhhhh i would love to get my scrap stuff organized!! Pick me, pick me 🙂

  2. I would love to get my scrapbooking things organized!!!! Love the room you have in the picture!!!

  3. This looks amazing and very useful! Fun to have!

  4. I sure could use the extra help with organizing ideas!

  5. That book looks awesome!

  6. i would to have this book to reorganize my scrap area! (:

  7. Oh WoW! Do I ever need this book! Year after year I say I am going to get organized and then the piles and messes grow. I need a guide to inspire me and give me direction!

  8. I would love to win!!! Thanks for the chance 😮

  9. The organization is something that I need to work on….one thing that I do need is more space!!!! DH even admitted that I could use a little more space for my supplies, I’ll have to see if he is willing to follow through with his suggestion!! Hope all is well for you and your family!!

  10. I’ve been eye-ing that book for a while now! I would love to win a copy. Thanks Deena!

  11. I have a subscription to CK magazines and saw this on the back of the last issue. I have a wonderful finished basement and want to get things more organized in my ‘Create Corner’. Would love this book.

  12. My mom pointed this out and said that winning this book might be the answer to my prayers regarding organization. Hmmmm. Is someone telling me that my methods need a little tweaking? Guess she is right. What a great way to start the new year!

  13. This book looks like something I could really use since I am moving into another room for my scrap space and need some help with ideas on how to set it up. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  14. Oh yeah, I could sure use this one!

  15. I need this book more than I’d like to admit!

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