Posted by: Deena Boese | November 20, 2013

Let’s Hear it For the Boys!

Err…BOY, I guess. Today’s an apparent tribute to my son, Skyler, as he’s featured in both of the new templates that just hit the Studio 120 Underground shelves. Here’s a quick preview. Click on the image to see the details and multiple sizes included.

Skyler is almost ten now and I love that he thinks the
majority of these things are still “cool”.

This has to be on the Top 10 list of favorite conversations
I’ve ever had with the boy. Because the text is ridiculously
tiny, I shall transcribe!

MOM : Skyler, are you excited about your birthday?
SKYLER : YES!!!!!!!
MOM : So tell me. How old are you now.
SKYLER : Like, three.
MOM : And what are you going to be on your birthday?
SKYLER : Um…Batman!

Gotta love that kid.


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