Posted by: Deena Boese | December 19, 2013

Last-minute Teacher Gifts? Anyone?

Calling all moms. Does this ever happen to you? Your child’s school Christmas party is tomorrow and you completely forgot about a gift for your child’s teacher. The mad scramble begins…digging through the box of (well-meaning but) unused gifts from last year…rummaging through your scrapbook stash to find SOMETHING to slap together…”Go ahead and go to bed sweetie, I’ll stay up and make a gift for your teacher.” Sigh.

Please tell me I’m not alone on this one.

If by chance, I’m not…

Here are some super quick and easy ideas you can throw together in mere minutes!


Fill a mason jar (or pasta sauce jar) with M&Ms and add one of these Christmas wraps. I’ve also included a set of free BONUS tags to use on the lids or as gift tags. Top with a ribbon. Done!


Wrap up some mini candy bars in these Christmas candy bar wrappers and pile ’em in a mug.


Or pair with these treat toppers! Just fill a standard size ziplock and staple on the topper. It would be a welcome sight sitting among all the apples and miniature figurines.


Have a candle in your stash? Slap on one of these Christmas wraps and you’re good to go!


Or get personal with these quick and easy personalized candy bar wrappers! Super quick turnaround time. Just print. Wrap. Give.


Or if your child has a favorite teacher, let him/her know with this printable art. Available in 4 colors. Just frame and go. Awesome indeed.

Psst! These also work great for co-workers, neighbors, family, friends…you get the idea. Good luck with your last-minuteness!

Happy Holidays!

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