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Best Documentary Short Subject, January 2014
Nine Months, February 2014
Joined at the Hip, March 2014
Six Years Ago Today, April 2014
Chalkboard Download, May 2014
Love is Spoken Here, May 2014
Proverbs 31 Woman, May 2014
Mom Subway Art, May 2014
Mom Subway Art Digital Download, May 2014
Nine Months, June 2014
Nine Months Digital Download, June 2014
How Sweet It Is, June 2014
This, August 2014

Blog PCandS 2

Card Creations Volume 12 (2014)
Goin’ Crazy Without You
Perfect Match
Perfect Match Digital Downloads

Family Subway Art + Digital Download, November/December 2013
Photo Tricks Photo, November/December 2013
Pledge Ball, November/December 2013
The Laughter, November/December 2013
Mom (As Reported By), September/October 2013
Photo Tricks Photo, September/October 2013
Photo Tricks Photo, September/October 2013
Rolling Over, September/October 2013
Church Camping Trip, July/August 2013
Letting Go, July/August 2013
The Long Road, July/August 2013
This is Home, July/August 2013
I Learned, May/June 2013
Photo Tricks Photo, May/June 2013
Solid Advice, May/June 2013
Journaling Cards Digital Downloads, May/June 2013
Photo Tricks Photo, March/April 2013
You Excel, March/April 2013
Life Change, January/February 2013
Year In Review Digital Downloads, January/February 2013
Article “Tips & Tricks”, November/December 2012
Unrepeatable, November/December 2012
Photo Tricks Photo, November/December 2012
Article “Back From The Dead”, September/October 2012
Article Opener “Back From The Dead”, September/October 2012
Four-Year-Old Humor, September/October 2012
Photo Tricks Before & After Photos, September/October 2012
Turning Three, July/August 2012
Madlib Journaling Spot Digital Download, July/August 2012
Cousins, May/June 2012
Mind Map Digital Download, March/April 2012
Occupy Your Mind, March/April 2012
Perpetual Motion, March/April 2012
Journal Prompt Digital Download, February 2012
Article “Hey, It’s A Hybrid!”, January 2012
Article Opener “Hey, It’s A Hybrid!”, January 2012
Awe, January 2012
Photoshop Tip, January 2012
Article “Photo Tricks” + Digital Download, November/December 2011
I Am Grateful + Digital Download, November/December 2011
Newsletter Template Digital Download, November/December 2011
Online Article “Photo Cards” + Digital Download, November/December 2011
Peace, Crazy Love & Joy, November/December 2011
The Coolest Thing, October 2011
A Walk Through The Seasons Album + Digital Downloads, September 2011
Article “Scrapbook 100 Photos in an Evening”, September 2011
Counterpart, July/August 2011
Con Slancio, May/June 2011
Now You Know, May/June 2011
The Infamous Slumber Party, May/June 2011
The Six Year Mirror, May/June 2011
I Didn’t Know, March/April 2011
Perseverance, March/April 2011
Candy Shaker Box, February 2011
Lollipop Bouquet, February 2011
Love Coupons Tin + Digital Download, February 2011
The Undeniable Bond, February 2011
Companion/BFF/Friend Card & Kit, January 2011
Don’t Smile, January 2011
Organizing Digital Supplies, January 2011
The Cringe, January 2011
Third Child Card Kit, January 2011
You Are Six Card & Kit, January 2011
Assorted Odds & Ends, November/December 2010
Countdown to Chaos, November/December 2010
Only You, November/December 2010
Career Aspirations, October 2010
Classic Case of Puppy Love, October 2010
Fear Less, October 2010
Article “Photo Field Trip” + Digital Downloads, September 2010
Note To Self, September 2010
Summer Titles Digital Download, July/August 2010
What’s Cool?, July/August 2010
Article “No Photos? No Problem!”, May/June 2010
Before Kids/After Kids, May/June 2010
Calendars + Digital Downloads, May/June 2010
Date Night, May/June 2010
Magnets, May/June 2010
New Peace, May/June 2010
Our All Star (cover layout), May/June 2010
Photo Tricks Photo, May/June 2010
Trivia Mini Album, May/June 2010
Silent Voice, March/April 2010
Such Fleeting Moments, March/April 2010
This Little Pause, March/April 2010
Article Opener/Dreamy Photo Effects, February 2010
In The Stillness, February 2010
You Are, February 2010
Candy Bandit, January 2010
Dining Room Table Dancer, January 2010
My Super Hero, January 2010
She’s Got The Look!, January 2010
Through The Lens Photo, January 2010
Merry And Bright (digital), December 2009
Merry And Bright (paper), December 2009
My Cool Guy, December 2009
Our Christmas Favorites, December 2009
Uncontainable Joy, December 2009
Contents, November 2009
2 Cute 4 Words, October 2009
Almost 35, October 2009
I Adore, August 2009
Anatomy 101, July 2009
1,000, June 2009
Mom!, June 2009
The Great Escape, June 2009
Self-Renewing Gift, May 2009
Talk To Me!, May 2009
Get It, Mom?, April 2009
New Life, April 2009
Proof Positive, April 2009
Spotless, April 2009
Through The Lens Photo, April 2009
Together, April 2009
Think About Such Things, January 2009
A Thing of Beauty, December 2008
In Progress, December 2008
Kid’s Craft Project, November 2008
Thanksgiving Placemat + Digital Download, November 2008
Books Are Awesome, September 2008
Dollhouse Project (web extension), September 2008
Backpack Tag + Digital Download, August 2008
Who Knew?, July 2008
Bird Brained, June 2008
God’s Beauty, April 2008
1933, February 2008
Dream, February 2008
Airborne, December 2007
A Common Goal, October 2007
Covered, October 2007
The Magic of Blue, September 2007
Life, Online Weekend Challenge, September 2007
Just Ride, August 2007
Artistic Expression, June 2007
Dream It, June 2007
Simply Irresistible You, June 2007
The Fifth Pair, Online Weekend Challenge, May 2007
Today, April 2007

The Scrapbooker’s Handbook (2013)
Absolutely Smitten
Born Anew
Our Dad + Digital Download
This is the Place
Welcome Precious Soul
You at Two

All About Albums (2013)
Actual Size
Ryder’s First Year
The ABC’s of You

Scrapbooking Men & Boys (2013)
Article “Make It Masculine”
The Faker
What a Punk

Better Digital Photos & Scrapbooking (2012)
Article “Editing Techniques for Creating Better Photos”
Photos + Screen Shots
Instant Sisters

Mixed Media Scrapbooking (2012)

Scrapbooking Babies & Toddlers (2012)
Article Opener “Baby Baby”
Between Two
Tough Crowd
Year One Complete
Year One Complete : Online Video

Simple Scrapbooks (2012)
A Song By Any Other Name
Morning After Morning
Simple Photo Organization Solution

Scrapbooking Ideas For Every Seasons (2012)
Birthday Cake Photo

Scrapbooking Holidays & Celebrations (2011)
I Free
Journal Spot Digital Download

Scrapbooking Tips & Tricks: Summer Fun & Travel (2011)
Summer Suds + Digital Download
Taking The Plunge (cover layout)
The Sweet Taste of Summer

Budget Friendly Scrapbooking (2011)
The Trifecta + Digital Download

Scrapbooking with Fabric & Notions (2011)
A Million Times
Baby Love
Quiet Book

Scrapbooking Tips & Tricks: Fabulous Flowers (May 2011)
Not So Ordinary
Unmistakably Sweet

Creative Spaces (April 2011)
Scrapbook Studio

The Best of Digital Scrapbooking (January 2011)
Smiley Face (cover layout)
The Instigator
The Simplest Things

Scrapbooking Tips & Tricks : Texture (January 2011)
Eight Textured Photos
The Leap
Little Feet
Me Do!
On The Verge

Scrapbooking Everyday Memories (November 2011)
It’s Just So “Family”
That Is Home Mini Album
Threshing Days

Scrapbooking Tips & Tricks : Stamps & Ink (October 2011)
Enough Said
Half Way
Toddler Vernacular

101+ Creative Uses For Your Scrapbook Supplies (September 2010)
Five Years
Hello Card
Sweet Baby
Tiny Pieces

Scrapbooking Tips & Tricks : Tools & Techniques (July 2010)
Article “Easy Photo Fixes”
The Best Caker Maker
Me Then, You Now
Things I Love @ Age Nine
Third Child

Fast & Fresh Scrapbooks (May 2010)
Letters Mini Album

Scrapbooking Tips & Tricks : Paper (June 2010)
Article Opener “Dare To Distress”
Article Opener “Patterned Paper Palooza”
Hello Key
Lesson Learned
Peas & Chicken

Scrapbooking Tips & Tricks : Organization (February 2010)
You Are

Preserving Their Stories (2009)
The Five Senses Mini Album
Guest Book Mini Album
Memories of Home Mini Album
Photo Calendar Mini Album
Photo Phonebook Mini Album
This Is Your Life Mini Album
Words That Describe You Mini Album
Your Greatest Accomplishment

Get Creative with Type (2009)
100 Things I Love
365 Days
Adventure Awaits
Beautiful Brooklyn
Birthday Card
Blessings Card
Further Proof
My Best Skyler Wuest
Officially Mobile
Static “Eclecktity”
CK Deena Font on bonus CD

Easier-Than-Ever Scrapbooking 2 (2009)

50 Moments : Scrapbook the Pages That Matters Most (2008)
A Single Moment
Looking In
Words to Live By

Joy of Scrapbooking (2008)
An Amazing Bond
Climb Higher
Discovering Play
The Everyday Unexpected
Family Tradition
First Grade
I Love you! I Like You!
Initial Communication
Interior Design
The Joys of Halloween

Sharing Your Story (2008)
All About Me

The Scrapbook Hall of Fame, Volume 9 (2007)
How Do You Do It?
Leaving Love Notes
Snapshot of You

Digital Scrapbooking Magazine
Up or Down, April/May 2009
State of Mind, February/March 2009
Boys Do That, December 2008/January 2009
Cheap Entertainment, December 2008/January 2009
Christmas Cards, December 2008/January 2009
Christmas Memories Album, December 2008/January 2009
Christmas Ornaments (cover layout), December 2008/January 2009
Giving Thanks, October/November 2008
Secrets, October/November 2008
Teething (Still), October/November 2008
Barely Ten Days, August/September 2008
I Love You More, August/September 2008
Just Us Girls, August/September 2008
POW, August/September 2008
Accomplishment No. 1, June/July 2008
Fifteen Years, June/July 2008
It’s How You Live, June/July 2008
Success!, April/May 2008
Sudden Serenity, April/May 2008
Beautiful Chaos, Feb/March 2008
The Photo of Choice, Feb/March 2008
These Eyes, DSM Blog, December 2007
Emerge, October/November 2007
Just You and Me, October/November 2007
Thankful, October/November 2007
Playing Hide and Seek, August/September 2007
The Instigator, August/September 2007
Why?, June/July 2007
The Infamous Slip n Slide, June/July 2007
Radiate, Feb/March 2007

Simple Scrapbooks Magazine
So Worth It, November/December 2007
What I See, July/August 2007
Every Breath, March/April 2007

Paper Crafts Magazine
Flames Are Cool!, July/August 2010

Better Homes and Gardens
Scrapbooks Etc. Magazine
Business Card Holder, October 2009
Number Clock, October 2009
Consistent, July 2009
Baby Blocks Project, February/March 2009
Baby Hanger Labels Project, February/March 2009
Honestly, April 2007

Scrapbook Trends Magazine
Play, April 2007
Kako the African Grey, March 2007
Home, October 2006

Scrapbooking Memories Magazine
Before I Was A Mommy, Vol. 9, No. 12, April 2008

Better Homes and Gardens
Scrapbooks Etc.
The Ultimate Guide to Digital Scrapbooking, Vol. II (2008)
Never Boring
Personality Revealed

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Scrapbooking (2007)

Memory Makers Books
Remember This (2009)

601 Great Scrapbook Ideas (2008)
Baby or Boy
Boys & Dirt*
The Common Garden Hose
Gonna Diet*
Simple Moments
U R Beautiful*
* used in promotional sales materials

Oh Baby! (2008)
The So-Called Pregnancy Glow

Fabulous Friendships (2008)
Absolutely Priceless
Joined At The Hip
Perfectly Imperfect
The Beginning

Find Your Groove (2007)
A Reluctant Realization
Goodbye Hello
I Spy

Scrapbook Trends Magazine
Baby Idea Book (2009)
Nursery Door Hanger

Fast & Fabulous Idea Book (2007)
Too Much

Cantata Books, Inc.
Digital Scrapbooking (2007)
This Side of Heaven

Blue Media Books
Layout Blueprints II (2007)

Creating Keepsakes Magazine
2010 CK Dream Team
2011 CK Contributing Writer
2012 CK Contributing Writer
2013 CK Contributing Editor

Designer Digitals
March 2006-March 2011

Pebbles Inc.
August 2010-August 2011

Digital Scrapbooking Magazine

Paislee Press

Creating Keepsakes Magazine
2008 Scrapbooker of the Year, Finalist
2007 Hall of Fame, Winner

Creating Keepsakes Magazine
Radio Interview on World Talk Radio
Diva Craft Lounge : April 11, 2007

Named “Fresh Face” : April 2007

Organization Tip Contest
Winner : July/August 2002
Prize: XXL Tote From Crop-In-Style

Digital Scrapbooking Magazine Newsletter
Host Semi-Monthly Inspiration Challenge
Morning View, December 2008
Dare To Be You, January 2009

Disc Talk Radio Show
Dishin’ the Digi – Coast 2 Coast
Spotlight Layout : YOU
February 6 – February 12, 2007

Dishin’ the Digi – Coast 2 Coast
Spotlight Layout : The Fifth Pair
June 26 – July 2, 2007

Digital Artist Magazine
2007 Guest Artist
Scream, January 2007
This Bird, January 2007

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